In 2012 Melina was part of a Guiness World Record. She was part of a team who waxed the most eyebrows in 8 hours.

Melina has waxed thousands of eyebrows through out 12 years of experiece. In 2014 alone, Melina waxed over 3k eybrows! She Managed one of the most recognized and busiest Brow Bars in San Diego CA, for many years. She trained and Mentor Beauty Experts through out the time whom are now extremely sucessful individuals.

When pandemic hit home, she was forced to look for another career. Through out the locked down, she became a Notary Public, Loan Signing Agent, Tax preparer and Banker. She was determined, she knew she had to support her family one way or another. None of this made her happy, so she took a leap of fate!

She Created a Brand that would give people the confidence to be who ever they want to be.

And so, The Studio22ProBeauty Was Brought to Life.

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